Netizens’ 10 Questions to Media & International Community

Posted on June 13, 2012


Questions for International Media regarding Rohingya Riot
Some of you may have wondered why there is continuous daily updates, asking, posting, tweeting by Myanmar people on most of every social networks. Here’s the answer in the form of questions.

1) Everyone who has been to Myanmar recognise that people there are kind and generous with full of smiles. Could such people do horrible violence to stateless people?

2) Muslims in Yangon and other parts of Myanmar are against with Riot attack. The various Islam organisations have officially released the statement saying this is not the religious clash. Why do all of you still use the headliner as “Religious Clash”?

3) Myanmar has total of 135 ethnics living across the country. All 135 ethnics has been equally suffered with the violence of human rights under military junta. Plus, there are Christmas holiday, Hari Raya holiday, Deepavali holiday even while two of those are not included in U.S official federal holidays. Why you all are expressing there is no “racial/religion harmony” in Myanmar?

4) At Sule, very downtown of Yangon, there’s a large pagoda, beautiful church and nice mosque. Why do you think there is no freedom of religion in Myanmar?

5) Rohingya is neither an ethnic of Myanmar nor Bangladesh. It is a large group of people who claimed themselves as Rohingya. With which relaiable proof, are you saying “Rohingya” is ethnic minority of Myanmar?

6) British Emperor who were very detailed in recording facts and figures ruled Myanmar about 100 years. Why there was not a single word of “Rohingya” in their documents regarding Myanmar?

7) Ethnicity and citizenship is two different things. Chinese-born and Indian-born people in Myanmar have fully been granted citizenship but they are not part of 135 ethnics. Why all of you are repeating “Rohingya” is ethnic of Myanmar?

8) When mexicans demanded for rights as native people of America, US deported them back to Mexico. Why didn’t US allow them to be native people of America by violating their rights?

9) All NGOs and UNHCR have continuously been supporting Bengali immigrants known as Rohingya while native Rakhine people has not been supported from all parties including government, NGOs and Opposition parties. Why all of you are mentioning Rohingyas are suffering?

10) Rohingya are demanding for ethnic rights and two territories solely own by Myanmar. Could Thailand provide such opportunity to Myanmar refugees at border or could U.S grant such demands for a number of migrants there?